Female-led John Wick spin off Ballerina in the pipeline

Ben Arnold
Wick... could be about to expand his universe - Credit: Lionsgate
Wick… could be about to expand his universe – Credit: Lionsgate

The violent world of John Wick could be set to become a bit of a ‘universe’, with a female-led action movie spin-off in the pipeline.

The Lionsgate studio has scooped the script to ‘Ballerina’ following a bidding war, penned by up-and-coming writer Shay Hatten, according to reports.

Hatten has had scripts hit the Black List – the list of the hottest unmade movies in Hollywood – before and now works for Robert Downey Jr’s production company Team Downey.

He reportedly wrote ‘Ballerina’ on the weekends.

On a similar tip to classic thriller ‘Nikita’, it’s said to be an ‘assassin movie with a more pulpy, hyper-stylized bent a la Quentin Tarantino or Matthew Vaughn’.

It follows a young woman – likely a ballerina, judging by the title – raised as an assassin who has to track down the other assassins who murdered her family.

Lionsgate and Thunder Road, which makes the Keanu Reeves-starring ‘John Wick’ movies, scooped the script after outbidding Warner Bros and Universal.

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