'Final Destination' star called out by fans for getting the plot of the movie wrong

Hanna Flint
Devon Sawa got the plot of Final Destination wrong in a tweet

Actor Devon Sawa made a rather schoolboy error on Sunday night when he tried to make a joke about Michael Rapaport’s plane heroics.

The Final Destination actor quote-tweeted an article about Rapaport stopping someone opening an emergency exit mid-flight, and exclaimed, “I stoped a whole f**king plane from going down!!! (sic).”

However, that’s not exactly what happens in the 2000 movie and his fans pointed it out.

For those who haven’t seen the horror flick, Sawa plays high school student Alex who experiences a premonition while on a plane, about the plane exploding shortly after it takes flight, which leads to him and seven other people getting off.

The plane takes flight without them and goes down in the exact same way he envisioned, but as the film goes on they realise that you can’t cheat death.

Sawa stopped seven people going down in the plane but didn’t actually stop it and many people called him out on the error.

Sawa didn’t seem too concerned with the correction about the movie, though he did correct his spelling error so there’s that.

Sawa has enjoyed a decent film and television career since his breakout role in the teen horror movie.

He starred in Nikita from 2010-2013 and last year appeared opposite Paula Patton in Somewhere Between, an adaptation of Korean mystery series God’s Gift: 14 Days produced by ABC and ITV Studios America.

Sawa will soon be seen in Escape Plan 3: Devil’s Station with Sylvester Stallone as well as Knuckleheads, a crime comedy that he wrote himself.

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