Luke Cage’s Mustafa Shakir wants Bushmaster to visit Okoye in Wakanda (exclusive)

Season two of Luke Cage continues the show’s tradition of launching awesome villains – established by season one’s Cottonmouth (Mahershala Ali) – by introducing Bushmaster, a superpowered Yardie who arrives in Harlem to take down the town, whether Luke Cage likes it or not.

It’s a hugely charismatic performance from Mustafa Shakir, someone we instantly want to see more from. And we could be in luck.

Assuming Luke Cage’s season two’s big bad survives Thanos’ snap, Shakir could be showing up in the next Black Panther movie. Well, that’s if the actor has any say in the matter.

That’s mainly because he’s a pretty massive fan of the movie. “I saw it three times. I bought it, too, you know. First time I saw it in 2D, then I wanted to see it in 3D, then someone came into town and I was like ‘Ah, let’s just got and see it.’

“I would love Bushmaster to be in Wakanda, or have some interactions. I love Okoye, I’d love to converse with her. We have some of the same samurai energy inside, relentless. Yeah, it was a great movie. There was a lot of social commentary in there. I loved the empowerment of the women, it was great to see Okoye just kick ass, and the intelligent sister [Shuri]. It was nice, it was nice – refreshing.”

But did Bushmaster survive Thanos’ snap? “Right now, they’re parallel universes, so yeah, in that parallel we do survive. But I’d love to see some of that cross-pollination, you know? Infinity War was amazing.”

For more from Shakir, including his honest assessment of Luke Cage season one, and a frank assessment of what it’s like to be directed by James Franco, check out the full video above.

Luke Cage season 2 launches on Netflix 22nd June.

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