First footage of Christopher Plummer replacing Kevin Spacey in All The Money In The World

Ben Arnold
(Credit: Sony/TriStar)

The first look at Christopher Plummer stepping in to take over the role of J Paul Getty from Kevin Spacey in the forthcoming All The Money In The World has arrived online.

In an unprecedented move, Plummer was drafted in by director Ridley Scott following the allegations of sexual assault and harassment emerged surround Spacey.

The decision to cut Spacey from the movie and reshoot his scenes with Plummer in the role – at a reported cost of $10 million – came just weeks away from the film’s December release date.

The original trailer, featuring Spacey in the role and released in September, is still available to watch online.

Prior to the allegations against Spacey, it’s said that the Sony and TriStar Pictures was pitching the actor for an Oscar campaign.

Spacey took on the role wearing heavy prosthetics to transform into the famed oil tycoon.

‘The situation is very sad’: Christopher Plummer opens up on replacing Kevin Spacey in All the Money in the World

However, when the allegations emerged, the studios quickly dropped the Oscar campaign, and days later, it was announced that Plummer would be stepping in.

Speaking about the dramatic move, Plummer told Vanity Fair: “I think it’s very sad what happened to him. Kevin is such a talented and a terrifically gifted actor, and it’s so sad. It’s such a shame.

“That’s all I can say, because that’s it.

“It’s really not replacing him [Spacey]—it’s starting all over again. Although the situation is very sad.

“I’m very saddened by what happened to Kevin, but what can I do? I’ve got a role. I admire Ridley Scott and I’m thrilled to be making a movie for him. And so I thought, that was it.

“Ages ago I was in contention for [the role], way back. So I was familiar with it, and then Ridley came to me and I agreed. I wanted to work with him. He’s very good. I loved the script. The script is wonderful.”

The movie picks up the real life story of the kidnapping of Getty’s grandson, John Paul Getty III in 1973, and also stars Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams.

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