First reaction declares Wonder Woman "exciting and entertaining"

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman (credit: Warner Bros)
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman (credit: Warner Bros)

The first reaction to ‘Wonder Woman’ has emerged, and it’s a positive one from a noteworthy film industry figure.

John Shaw, the President of US cinema organisation Theatre Management Associates LLC, gave his thoughts on the eagerly-awaited Warner Bros/DC movie, in the now expected format of 140 characters or less:

Despite some concerns from fans, anticipation seems to be growing for the first female-fronted superhero movie of recent years, which sees Gal Gadot take centre stage after her short but scene-stealing introduction in 2016’s ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.’

Promotion for the film certainly seems to have gone up a gear, notably with the impressive new poster released earlier today.

The latest poster for long-awaited comic book movie 'Wonder Woman' (credit: Warner Bros)
The latest poster for long-awaited comic book movie ‘Wonder Woman’ (credit: Warner Bros)

Comparisons to ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ were perhaps inevitable, as like that 2011 Marvel movie, ‘Wonder Woman’ is effectively a prequel to the existing DC Extended Universe movies (‘Man of Steel,’ ‘Batman V Superman’ and ‘Suicide Squad’).

However, where the first Captain America adventure from director Joe Johnston was set during World War 2, director Patty Jenkins sends Diana, Princess of Themyscira on her first adventure in the mortal world against the backdrop of World War 1.

It’s fair to assume Warners and DC are hoping for a rather larger hit than ‘Captain America: The First Avenger,’ which is the second lowest-grossing Marvel movie to date, with box office takings of $370.6 million worldwide. That having been said, ‘Wonder Woman’s budget is estimated to be in the region of $120 million, and generally a studio film needs to make double its budget back to make a profit.

Last month, Box Office Pro projected that ‘Wonder Woman’ was on its way to an $83 million opening weekend, with a likely $225 million final haul at the box office – but this is only taking into account the US.

‘Wonder Woman’ opens in UK cinemas on 1 June.

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