First trailer for Dave Bautista's action-comedy sequel

dave bautista as jj, my spy 2 the eternal city
First trailer for Dave Bautista's action-comedyCourtesy of Prime Video

The first trailer for the action-comedy My Spy The Eternal City has been released, starring an apron-wearing Dave Bautista.

Directed by Pete Segal, the sequel to My Spy features Bautista and Chloe Coleman as they try to balance their domestic life amid a holiday from hell.

Things have changed for the duo as the trailer text reads: "They're back. She's older. He's wiser."

dave bautista as jj, chloe coleman as sophie, my spy 2 the eternal city
Courtesy of Prime Video

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JJ (played by Bautista) is keeping his head down at work, baking scones and trying to be a good parent. While Sophie (played by Coleman) is more focused on her school choir, which has been chosen for an Italian tour and a performance for the Pope in Vatican City.

JJ sees this as an opportunity to bond with Sophie and volunteers to help chaperone the group across Italy's most historic sites. "JJ, I'm going to have fun on this trip and if you're going to get in my way, consider yourself the opposition," Sophie warns her new stepfather.

Sophie's plans for a fun-filled adventure are disrupted, as she and JJ become unwitting pawns in a terrorist plot that could end the world. "Before they see the world, they'll have to save it," states the trailer text.

ken jeong as kim, dave bautista as jj, my spy 2 the eternal city
Courtesy of Prime Video

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The trailer promises action-packed fight scenes, explosions and weapons, as well as good, old-fashioned teenage embarrassment.

Community's Ken Jeong and Bob Burger's star Kristen Schaal return to their roles and are joined by Anna Faris, Craig Robinson and Flula Borg, who all bring their unique brand of comedy to the movie.

The Eternal City is set to be released on July 18.

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