First trailer for You and Divergent stars' new movie

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Photo credit: Warner Bros.
Photo credit: Warner Bros.

You's Jenna Ortega stars as a teenager struggling to deal with the tragic aftermath of a school shooting in the new trailer for hard-hitting, emotional drama The Fallout.

Written and directed by The Secret Life of the American Teenager actor Megan Park, the movie sees Ortega's Vada begin to reinvent herself "while re-evaluating her relationships with her family, friends and her view of the world" following the terrible event.

Photo credit: Warner Bros.
Photo credit: Warner Bros.

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Desperate to break away from her comfortable routine, she starts taking more chances, and spending more time with classmate Quinton Hasland (This Is Us actor Niles Fitch) and Mia Reed (Maddie Ziegler), the adventurous girl she hid out in a bathroom stall with on that fateful day.

"Did you have the craziest nightmares last night?" Vada whispers to her new pal over a sneaked glass of wine in the clip, to which Mia candidly replies: "You have to be able to sleep to have nightmares."

"This can't be for nothing," Quinton, who seemingly lost his brother in the incident, vows in another scene. "We won't even let this be for nothing."

Photo credit: Warner Bros.
Photo credit: Warner Bros.

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Promising a "star-making turn" from Ortega, Warner Bros. UK describes the outing as "a compelling exploration of the inexplicable resiliency of life and the hope that emerges out of loss."

Will Ropp (The Way Back), John Ortiz (Fast & Furious), Julie Bowen (Modern Family) and Shailene Woodley (Divergent, Big Little Lies) round out the supporting cast.

The Fallout will be released digitally in the US on January 27. As it stands, there is no official word on when it'll come out in the UK, but Warner Bros. UK ensures it'll be "soon".

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