Flash Gordon review: 40 years on, marvellously terrible romp still astounds

In 1980, the creator of one of the best British movies of all time (Get Carter) made this marvellously terrible romp, based on the comic strip.

Forty years on, what astounds most is that US hero, Gordon (Sam J. Jones), whooshed into space and forced to do battle with super-villain, Ming the Merciless (Max von Sydow), has neither super powers nor fancy gadgets. He’s sporty. He can drive. That’s it. But it doesn’t matter, because he has tight buns (thanks to these, Ming’s sexy daughter saves his skin, thus allowing Brian Blessed to emit the now legendary line, “Gordon’s ALIVE?”).

Flash’s child-like mien, too, sets him apart (at the end, he, literally, leaps for joy). Other pleasures include some genuinely clever, Monty-Python-worthy, wedding vows.

Basically, whether laughing with this film, or at it, you’ll have a blast.

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