Fox News mocked over its attack of Jamie Lee Curtis using a gun in 'Halloween'

Fox News mocked over criticism of Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween
Fox News mocked over criticism of Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween

Fox News tried to take on Jamie Lee Curtis and it backfired.

The right-wing news outlet criticised the actress because her Halloween character Laurie Strode “wields firearms” when in real life she is pro-gun control.

Fox News, clearly not understanding the difference between fiction and reality, posted the attack on social media and it was quickly responded to.

Do u guys know what movies are (sic),” one user tweeted while another posted. “It’s a movie. She is an actor. They aren’t real guns.”

Another person applied the same logic to her other movies to prove how silly the criticism actually is.

“In the movie Freaky Friday she does a body swap with her daughter despite being an opponent of witchcraft,” @classiclib3ral replied. “Something for your investigative team to look into.”

Others used the logic with other famous people who were also clearly hypocrites.

Curtis has long been an advocate for gun control especially when it comes to assault weapons after they continue to be used in school shootings.

In the new Halloween movie, the actress returns as Laurie who is ready and waiting to take down her serial killer brother Michael.

After he escapes from his asylum and returns to their hometown to find his sister, she is forced to bear arms and protect her family from the psychotic prodigal son.

Halloween is in cinemas on 19 October

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