Frozen Fever: Watch The First Trailer For Disney's Mini-Sequel

Mike P Williams

Ahead of Disney’s ‘Frozen Fever’ short that precedes ‘Cinderella’, a new trailer for it has been released.

There’s every reason for audiences to check out the live-action film directed by Kenneth Branagh, but many will be there to seek out the newest ‘Frozen’ tale that comes with it.

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As with all Disney (and indeed Pixar) movies, each is accompanied by a short; in this case it’s ‘Frozen Fever’, a mini story that celebrates Anna’s birthday. Unfortunately for everyone involved, Elsa’s got a cold, which, as you can imagine, leads to all sorts of complications concerning her icy powers.


It’s not often that there’s such great enthusiasm for a short film trailer, but then this is ‘Frozen’ we’re talking about. 

It looks like this (small) sequel of sorts is what fans have been waiting for, seeing as ‘Frozen 2’ is still yet to be announced by the Mouse House. Since the film’s release at the end of 2013, it is people’s first glimpse at what happens after the events of the $1.3 billion selling movie.

Not to mention Olaf’s back, alongside Kristoff and the Arendelle sisters, meaning Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff and, of course, Josh Gad all return to voice their respective characters.

There’s a brand new song that plays over the trailer, too, which is something every ‘Frozen’ fan can get excited about and just maybe we’ll eventually see Let It Go phased out from everyday life… but it's highly unlikely.

'Cinderella' is in UK cinemas on 27 March.

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Picture credit: Disney