‘Game Of Thrones’ S8 EP 4 The Last Of The Starks recap: The war goes south, but who should win?

Gregory Wakeman
Emilia Clarke in The Last Of The Starks

WARNING: The following article contains SPOILERS for episode 4 of the eighth season of Game Of Thrones. So if you’re yet to watch The Last Of The Starks then you really shouldn’t be here. In fact, you should click away now.

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If there’s one thing that we learnt from The Last Of The Starks it is that, in Game Of Thrones, a funeral can turn into a party very, very quickly.

And why shouldn’t it? After The Long Night and the defeat of the Army Of The Dead those that survived deserved a chance to celebrate. But only after those that gave their lives had been honoured, which gave us one last look at Edd, Beric, Ser Jorah, and Lyanna before they were set alight on the pyre.

Then there was booze. And lots of it. As you’d expect, Tormund was the ringleader, plying Jon Snow with so much alcohol that he even cracked several smiles.

The internet’s desire to see Giantsbane pair with Brienne fell on deaf ears, though. Instead, it was Jaime and Brienne that got together on a night where love was very much in the air. That’s because, after being turned into the Lord Of Storms End by Dany, Gendry told Arya he was in love with her, while Dany also told Jon Snow the same, too.

By the end of the episode none of these pairings would still be together. Jaime left a crying Brienne to be back with Cersei, Arya was heading back down south with the Hound, both of whom have unfinished business to complete, while everyone in Westeros will probably know Jon Snow is actually Aegon Targaryen by the end of next week’s episode.

Daenerys right at the end of The Last Of The Starks

It was a terrible episode for Daenerys, as she increasingly looks like she is on the brink of losing her prominence. Having witnessed Jon being given a hero’s welcome her paranoia over him being the rightful heir to the throne only grew, especially after Jon refused to keep the knowledge of his lineage a secret from Arya and Sansa.

Not only did Sansa reveal all to Tyrion, but Tyrion’s decision to tell Varys concluded with him teasing his plan to have Jon usurp Daenerys. Plus, Euron Greyjoy took down a large portion of her fleet, Rhaegal died, leaving her with just one dragon left, and Missandei was captured and then executed by Cersei, perfectly setting up the huge battle next week in King’s Landing.

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Leaving us all to wonder, who do we actually want to win the Game Of Thrones?

Obviously not Cersei, even though her cold-hearted ruthlessness has to be begrudgingly respected at this point. But Daenerys’ Iron Throne stock is falling with each passing scene and Jon seemingly doesn’t really care at all. Could Sansa take control? What about the heart-broken Gendry? Or Bran? Who is still just as creepy even though the Night King is now dead.

We’ll surely find out next week, as the winner in the penultimate episode will almost certainly take all that’s left. Unfortunately, with both Daenerys and Cersei now seemingly willing to destroy and burn all of King’s Landing and its inhabitants in order to claim victory, that might not actually be a lot.