Game of Thrones star's new movie confirms November UK release date

the trouble with jessica
Game of Thrones star's movie confirms release dateParkland Pictures

Note: The following articles references themes including suicide.

Games of Thrones star Indira Varma will head a star-studded cast in The Trouble with Jessica, an upcoming comedy film which has now announced it's UK release date this autumn - November 3.

The film revolves around two couples who are forced to move a dead body, these being Rufus Sewell (The Illusionist), Olivia Williams (The Crown), Shirley Henderson (Harry Potter's Moaning Myrtle), and Alan Tudyk (Dodgeball).

It begins with Sarah (Henderson) and Tom (Tudyk), a married couple in financial trouble who have finally managed to find a buyer for their London home. They decide to host one last social gathering in their old home, inviting best friends Richard (Sewell) and Beth (Williams). However, they have an unexpected third guest in Jessica (Varma).

indira varma, the trouble with jessica
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rufus sewell, the trouble with jessica
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Currently the reason for her intrusion isn't known, but events take a devastating turn as she is later found in the garden having taken her own life. When Tom goes to report her death, his wife is worried that doing so will cause the house sale to collapse so encourages their guests to help move the body.

After assembling a star-studded cast, writer and director Matt Winn labelled the film as a "director's dream".

He said: "The Trouble with Jessica is the film I've always wanted to make – a black comedy satirising the British middle classes, examining their hopes, dreams, duplicities and hypocrisies.

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"It's a state of the nation piece about Britain now, that asks a simple question: who are we and what are our values?

"Working with this ensemble cast – comprised of some of the country's best actors – was a director's dream and I'm thrilled that our film will be hitting the big screen this autumn."

The Trouble with Jessica is in cinemas from November 3.

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