Gary Oldman Skeptical About Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice (Exclusive)

Gary Oldman – who played Commissioner Gordon in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, is skeptical about the upcoming incarnation of the Caped Crusader that will show up in ‘Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice’.

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Chatting to Yahoo while promoting the superb ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’, we asked him how he felt seeing another version of the Batman universe onscreen so soon after the Nolan version. Watch him above.

“They want to keep it going. Of course they do. But, it’s Superman yeah? Batman and Superman together? We shall see.”

“The thing about Nolan, there was some grounding of reality to it. In our trilogy, and as fantastical and as big as the joker was, it was based [on reality]… we could relate to it.”

“But now we’ve got a Batman and we’ve got a guy who can fly who’s an alien?! We’ll have to see…”

“It’s got big shoes to fill”.


It doesn’t sound like Oldman is that convinced by the central premise of ‘Dawn Of Justice’ to us, but he added that he has no hard feelings towards the film.

“I don’t mind,” he said. “We had our moment in sun.”

We’ll have our full interview with the always-honest Oldman, where he talks about Andy Serkis’ Oscar chances and if he’s still the highest grossing actor of all time, on the site later this week.

‘Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes’ is released in the UK cinemas on 17 July.

'Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice' sees Henry Cavill return as Superman, with Ben Affleck playing Batman.

'Man of Steel' director Zack Snyder once again directs. The UK release date in the UK is April 2016.

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