George Clooney: Original Blockbusters Are Now Very Rare

The notoriously picky George Clooney has explained to Yahoo why he?s returned to blockbuster movies with his new project ?Tomorrowland: A World Beyond?.

?I like the idea of [doing] a summer film that is not a sequel or based on a comic book and that is a real risk to take and I wanted to do that,? said the actor, who was last on our screens way back at the start of 2014 with ?The Monuments Men?, which he also directed.

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?Tomorrowland? is a big budget science fiction romp based on the Disney theme park attraction from the 1960s. Unlike almost every other summer blockbuster film this year it?s not part of an existing franchise.

The film also addresses themes such as wealth inequality and global warming, which we assumed was the reason the famously liberal Clooney signed up for the role.


?No it wasn?t! The major reason I wanted to work on the film was to work with [director] Brad Bird, because I think he makes wonderful films and he called me up and ?said I?ve written this part for you, would you like to do it?, and I read it and said ?well this?ll be fun?.

?I like the idea of the themes, that the future can be adjusted by the people now, if you participate you have the ability to change it. I grew up believing that. But it wasn?t the reason.?

Bird, who previously directed ?The Incredible?, ?Mission: Impossible ? Ghost Protocol? and ?The Iron Giant?, apparently turned down the chance to direct the new ?Star Wars? film to make ?Tomorrowland?.

?I don?t know anybody else [making original blockbusters],? said Clooney. ?I remember when ?The Matrix? came out a few years ago ? how unusual that was - and that wasn?t a big budget film, comparatively. To see something new and original was really wild. It?s getting to be a very rare bird.?

In our chat with Clooney he also addressed his infamous head wobble (see below), told us about his pranks on set and gave us his favourite line from ?Batman and Robin?.


?Tomorrowland? is in cinemas on 22 May.

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