‘The golden toilet presidency is over’: Jim Carrey and Mark Ruffalo lead stars celebrating end of Trump era

Trump’s exit has been celebrated by stars including Mark Ruffalo and John Cusack (Pete Marovich/Amy Sussman/Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)
Trump’s exit has been celebrated by stars including Mark Ruffalo and John Cusack (Pete Marovich/Amy Sussman/Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

The end of Donald Trump’s presidency has been celebrated by a number of stars, including Mark Ruffalo and Michael Moore.

Today (20 January) marked Trump’s exit from the White House ahead of Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration. The former president made brief comments to a small group of reporters and White House staff, before departing on a helicopter with first lady Melania Trump.

On Twitter, many famous faces celebrated the end of the Trump era.

“He is finally gone,” tweeted Mark Ruffalo. “The nightmare has come to its fitful end. A bunch of Trump elite criminals pardoned in the shroud of night. The Golden Toilet Presidency is over. A turd is a turd no matter where it lays.”

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“Trump lying his way into the sunset,” wrote John Cusack. “Pretending he worked hard – not admitting to the big lie – leaving the putrid lying Criminal he came in as – Fly away criminal.”

Filmmaker Michael Moore tweeted: “Trump! STFU! GTFO! LOSER! HUGEST LOSER EVER! Federal prison. 3 good meals a day.”

Comedian Chelsea Handler tweeted a joyous picture of herself waving, alongside the caption: “Waving goodbye to Trump, Mike Pence, and that entire cabinet of criminals.”

Ben Stiller tweeted: “Trump is about to leave the White House without class, or respect for us and our institutions. Let’s go already.”

“Watching Trump leave this morning, I did have one regret: I really wanted to see him dragged out by the Secret Service,” tweeted George Takei.

“Wake up America! He’s gone! Today’s a new day!!!” tweeted actor Rosie Perez, who also pledged that there is more work to do despite his exit. She added: “Time to roll up our sleeves and get to work to heal and repair our country and make sure this man is brought to justice.”

“Toodle (orange) pip,” quipped Kathy Burke in a tweet.

“HURRAY!!!!!” tweeted author Marian Keyes. “Off ya go, s***head!”

“No man has ever expressed less grief over the deaths of 400,000 people,” tweeted filmmaker Judd Apatow. “They were just an obstacle to his thirst for power.”

Meanwhile, Jim Carrey shared a new piece of artwork inspired by Trump’s exit. It depicts the phrase “Ding dong the witch is dead” along with an illustration of a smashed mango. Trump has occasionally been dubbed “the mango Mussolini” by online commentators.

“IT’S TODAY!!!” tweeted Bette Midler, who added: “Thank you everyone in America who stood in opposition to the former administration, & who so generously worked so hard to give the United States back its dignity and reason through the election of #JoeBiden and #KamalaHarris. They have a lot to fix.”

“I feel like I’ve taken a 200 pound s***,” tweeted filmmaker and actor Albert Brooks.

“After four long years we can come together, as a nation, and flush,” tweeted BoJack Horseman star Will Arnett.

As Biden’s inauguration ceremony kicked off, many stars began tweeting heartfelt messages of support for Biden and vice president Kamala Harris, versus anger over Trump.

“The beauty of calmness and tradition is overwhelming,” tweeted Josh Gad.

Maria Shriver tweeted: “History was just made. Thank you @KamalaHarris for all the work that brought you to this moment. Thank you @JoeBiden for seeing that and choosing that.”

While appearing at a military base shortly after his departure from the White House, Trump told a gathered group of supporters to “have a good life”. He also discussed the coronavirus pandemic in the past tense, and promised to “be back in some form”.

Keep up to date on the latest from Trump’s exit and Biden’s inauguration with our live blog.

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