The Good Ship Murder future revealed for Catherine Tyldesley mystery drama

Catherine Tyldesley is set to return for another trip on The Good Ship Murder credit:Bang Showbiz
Catherine Tyldesley is set to return for another trip on The Good Ship Murder credit:Bang Showbiz

'The Good Ship Murder' has been renewed for two more series.

The Channel 5 mystery drama stars former 'Coronation Street' castmates Catherine Tyldesley and Shayne Ward as a First Officer Kate Woods and cabaret singer Jack Grayling who find themselves becoming detectives amid a string of deaths on the boat.

Mike Benson - from studio Clapperboard - is quoted by The Sun newspaper's TVBiz column as saying: "Series one was something of a journey – or mid-price cruise – into the unknown, not least trying to film a drama on a cruise ship with 6,000 holidaymakers heading to eight different countries.”

As well as a second and third series, bosses have also commissioned a Christmas special.

Claire Sweeney will reprise her role as the cruise director, while 'Hollyoaks' star Ross Adams joins the cast in his first part since quitting the soap.

Channel 5 chief Paul Testar said: "We’re excited to be bringing this series back.”

Meanwhile, the two stars previously admitted they had high hopes for some high profile celebrity cameos for the next batch of episodes.

Cathrine, 40, previously told "I've already got a lot of my friends who are like, 'Oh my God, I can’t believe you went filming in Malta on a cruise ship! Is there a second series? I need to get on to my agent!'

"Like, a lot of actors all want to do' Death in Paradise' because of the location. And I've already got people asking me if we’re going again.

"It would be sacrilegious to not give Jane McDonald some kind of cameo – [even] walking past in the background, she's got to get in there at some point."

And Shane, 38, added: "I’ve already got a lovely rapport with [Jane]. So, I mean, she has to come onto the ship and do something. There's no two ways about it.

"[It would be] an absolute dream to even be in a scene with someone like David Tennant. He can steal the scene a thousand times over, I’d just be grateful."