Green Lantern sequel rumours crushed

Ben Arnold
Yahoo UK Movies News

Rumours of a sequel to last year's 'Green Lantern' film have been quashed in no uncertain terms by one of the original writers.

Marc Guggenheim was among those who wrote the ill-fated DC Comics film, which starred Ryan Reynolds as the masked superhero.

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In response to the rumours, Guggenheim emailed telling them talk of a sequel is 'absolute bulls**t'.

Word of a draft of a sequel script emerged last week.

The character may or may not still turn up in the planned DC Comics 'Justice League' project, as part of a superhero supergroup including Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, but it seems a stand-alone sequel is not happening.

The Ryan Reynolds vehicle was released in June last year to a critical mauling, despite decent players including Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong, Angela Bassett and Tim Robbins.

It failed at the box office too, returning around $220 million (£138 million) of its $300 million (£188 million) budget.