Gwyneth Paltrow says Harvey Weinstein was 'incredibly gifted'

Ben Arnold
Gwyneth Paltrow (Credit: Entertainment News)

Gwyneth Paltrow has said that she’s still hugely proud of the work she did with producer Harvey Weinstein.

The disgraced Hollywood mogul is facing dozens of allegations of sexual harassment, assault and misconduct, with sources within the NYPD saying last week that an arrest is imminent.

But Paltrow, who worked with Weinstein on movies like The Talented Mr Ripley, period drama Emma, and won the Oscar for Best Actress for her breakthrough role in the Weinstein-produced Shakespeare In Love, said that his talent remains relevant.

“Harvey Weinstein had an incredible gift for finding talent, for supporting great screenplays, great actors,” she told Eye On Sun Valley.

“We tend to throw the baby out with the bath water. It’s far more complicated than that.

“I’m proud of the work that I did during that time. Art remains art, and I’m proud of the art that I put in the world then.”

(Credit: Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

Paltrow has herself spoken about Weinstein’s harassment while working with him.

She told The New York Times that he asked her to go to his hotel room to give him a massage, a request it would appear he made to dozens of other women, and said that he’d boasted about sleeping with her in order to persuade other actresses to do the same.

It’s claimed that Paltrow’s then-boyfriend Brad Pitt confronted Weinstein about the allegation, warning him to keep away.

“I thought he was going to fire me [from Emma] He screamed at me for a long time. It was brutal,” she said.

“He’s not the first person to lie about sleeping with someone. But he used the lie as an assault weapon.”

More than 80 women have come forward with allegations against Weinstein.

Yesterday, The Weinstein Company filed for bankruptcy, meaning that non-disclosure agreements set up by the company to prevent alleged harassment or assaults going public are now terminated.

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