Happy boobs: Women wearing this size bra are the most satisfied with their breasts

Women wearing a C-cup are happiest with their boob size [Photo: Getty]
Women wearing a C-cup are happiest with their boob size [Photo: Getty]

Boobs come in all different shapes and sizes, from small and perky double AA’s, to big and beautiful size K’s and above, no two pairs of lady humps are the same.

And though we should be celebrating our boobs, no matter their size, women wearing a certain size bra have been revealed to be the happiest.

If you wear a C-cup sized bra you’re more likely to feel satisfied with your boobs when compared to other sizes.

The national survey, conducted by Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors and reported by The Sun, asked 871 women what they felt about their chest.

And the results revealed that a really quite satisfied 39% of C-cuppers said they loved or liked their boobs, shunning the other options of ‘don’t mind’, ‘dislike’ or ‘hate’ their breasts.

Next up in the happy boobs camp was women with a D or DD with 37% of women saying they loved or liked their size.

Those wearing a small cup size were nearly as content with their breast lot with 34% of A and double AA bra wearers reporting boob satisfaction.

Next up were the bigger busted ladies wearing an E-cup, with 29% of women happy with their size.

But those wearing a B-cup seemed less happy with their bra-size with only 27% of B-cuppers either loving or liking the size of their boobs.

Despite C-cuppers having the highest number of women either liking or loving their breasts, the cup size showing their boobs the most love was the D or DD wearers, with 11% ticking the ‘love my boobs’ option.

Overall the majority of women are satisfied with their boob size [Photo: Getty]
Overall the majority of women are satisfied with their boob size [Photo: Getty]

In a step forward for body positivity, the survey also revealed that overall women were happy with their boobs, regardless of their cup size, with over a third (38%) saying they ‘didn’t mind’ their breasts.

A further quarter took things a stage further by admitting they actively ‘like’ their lady lumps.

The survey also looked at the impact different size breasts can have on women’s lives and personalities.

Unsurprisingly, those with the smallest and biggest size boobs said their cleavage had a big impact on their life, with many reporting in anonymous comments that their chest size affecting them in terms of body confidence, finding clothes to fit and stereotyping.

Over a quarter (27%) of women wearing an E-cup sized bra thought their boobs had influenced their personality, as did 25% of women wearing an A or AA bra size.

Commenting on the findings Michael Saul, partner at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors, told The Sun: “It is very encouraging to hear that most women in the UK have a positive attitude towards their breasts and that only 18% of respondents would consider cosmetic surgery.”

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