'The hardest one that I've done': Jodie Comer struggled with Chicago accent needed for The Bikeriders

Jodie Comer faced a new accent challenge in The Bikeriders credit:Bang Showbiz
Jodie Comer faced a new accent challenge in The Bikeriders credit:Bang Showbiz

Jodie Comer found it hard mastering a Chicago accent for 'The Bikeriders'.

The 31-year-old star has shown a flair for accents through her work on the TV series 'Killing Eve' but admits that it was a challenge to perfect the tones of her alter ego Kathy in Jeff Nichols' picture that is based on a photo-book of the same name by Danny Lyon.

Jodie told The Hollywood Reporter: "I would say that Kathy's accent is probably the hardest one that I've done. I was given 30 minutes with the real Kathy being interviewed by Danny Lyon, and I was so struck by how singular and unique her dialect and cadence was.

"So I started working with a dialect coach, Victoria (Hanlin), and she told me, 'All the vowel sounds are a contradiction. This is something that is entirely her own.'

"And I said, 'I want to get as close to the audio as I possibly can.'"

Jodie features in the film opposite Tom Hardy's motorcycle club leader Johnny as she attempts to protect her husband Benny (Austin Butler) from his influence and was wowed by the 'Venom' star's "unpredictable" approach to acting.

The 'Free Guy' star explained: "I would say that he's quite unpredictable and very spontaneous. He has a real technical awareness that I've not seen before. He has this innate understanding of the camera and the lens, and what it needs and what will work for it. So that's something really cool that I hadn't seen before."

Jodie is also set to appear in the horror sequel '28 Years Later' and is grateful for the chance to collaborate with director Danny Boyle.

She said: "It's a brilliant script. It's just so brilliant to be working with Danny and Alex (Garland, screenwriter) and being on set with Danny and the crew. They're all so innovative and excitable and playful.

"I feel so fortunate to be working with Danny. I would work with him for the rest of my life if I had any say in that."