Harvey Weinstein effigy to be burned at famous Bonfire Night party

(Credit: AFP)
(Credit: AFP)

A giant effigy of Harvey Weinstein is to be burned at the annual Edenbridge Bonfire Society party on Saturday night.

Measuring 36-feet, the burning of Weinstein’s likeness will be witnessed by the approximately 10,000 who attend the event every year in Edenbridge, Kent, just outside London.

It will be preceded by a torch-lit procession through the town, after which there will be the bonfire and a firework display.

(Credit: AFP)
(Credit: AFP)

Hollywood producer Weinstein is currently being investigated by police over dozens of claims of sexual harassment and assault, with hundreds more allegations having been made against him by women in the movie business.

Scotland Yard alone is investigating 11 allegations against him.

Weinstein’s effigy follows a wealth of celebrity Guys that have been burned by the famous bonfire society.

There’s also been likenesses of popular hate figures including Donald Trump, former FIFA boss Sepp Blatter, Lance Armstrong and columnist Katie Hopkins.

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