Halloween 2017: Will Poulter dressed as Sid from Toy Story and other amazing celebrity costumes

·Senior Editor

Halloween 2017 has already thrown up some amazing celebrity costumes, but we think Will Poulter’s is clearly the winner so far.

The ‘Detroit’ star dressed up as Sid from ‘Toy Story’, sharing a picture on social media, and from the metal braces to the magnifying glass, the likeness was uncanny. Poulter said he dressed as the ‘Toy Story’ bully after receiving comparisons online, adding that he was happy to have people “laugh at my expense” as he was raising awareness for an anti-bullying campaign during bullying prevention month.

Other costumes of note in our gallery include Bruce Willis who (with a pal) dressed as the menacing Grady Twins from Stanley Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’, Gwyneth Paltrow whose costume paid tribute to ‘Se7en’, and Kristen Bell’s hilarious (and unexpected) ‘Frozen’-inspired garb.

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