Has Pixar Just Unveiled Its First Ever Lesbian Couple?


It looks like Pixar may have casually introduced its first ever lesbian couple in the new, extended trailer for ‘Finding Dory’.

It’s a short glimpse, but eagle-eyed Twitter user Matthew Gottula appears to be the one who spotted it first.

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Found at around the one-minute mark of the teaser, it shows what appears to be a same-sex couple with their baby, which is then swapped with an octopus.


It’s quite possible that the couple are friends, rather than the parents, but so far Pixar has not commented on the matter. So it’s speculation ahoy.

Check it out below…

Whether the fact that Ellen DeGeneres – perhaps the most influential gay celebrity in the world – might have had a hand in matters is also cause for wild speculation, but Pixar has long supported the LGBT cause.


It was among a number of companies and institutions, including Google, Facebook and Apple, which released a series of videos as part of the 'It Gets Better’ project, with some of the animation giant’s employees speaking about their experiences of being gay and coming out.

However, Disney has come under some criticism for failing to include any gay characters in any of the 11 movies it released last year.

A campaign emerged earlier this month too, to try and persuade the makers of 'Frozen 2’ to sort Elsa out with a girlfriend.

Image credits: Pixar