Hook’s Lost Boys Reunite For 25th Anniversary


The young Lost Boys of Steven Spielberg’s ‘Hook’ have reunited to celebrate the film’s 25th anniversary and now we feel very old.

22 Vision, a production firm that specialises in cast reunions, has assembled the young stars of Spielberg’s Peter Pan spin-off for a special photoshoot sharing a full gallery of images on Facebook here.

Watch ET Online go behind the scenes of the reunion in the video above.

The company has recently hosted cast reunions for ‘School of Rock’, ‘The Little Rascals’, and ‘Problem Child’ but this one for ‘Hook’ is their most audacious project yet.

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Dante Basco (Rufio), Raushan Hammond (Thud Butt), Isaiah Robinson (Pockets), Ryan Francis (Young Peter Pan), Bryan & Brett Willis (Sooner & Later), Bo Gheorghe (Noseminer), and Ahmad Stoner (No Nap) were all young boys when they starred alongside Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman, and Julia Roberts in the 1991, but as you can see they’re all grown men now.

Ah, the soul-crushing inevitability of the passage of time…

Image credits: 22 Vision