Local news anchor claims she was sacked over cameo in Adam Sandler comedy 'Hubie Halloween'

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A news anchor from Boston has claimed she was sacked from her job as a result of a cameo appearance she made in Adam Sandler’s new film Hubie Halloween.

Alaina Pinto wrote on social media that she “mistakenly violated my contract” with WHDH Channel 7 News by appearing in the Netflix comedy.

Pinto plays one of three newsreaders in the movie who dress as Harley Quinn during a broadcast.

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“I mistakenly violated my contract with the station and I understand why management unfortunately chose to terminate me,” she wrote.

Pinto added: “I am deeply disappointed and saddened, and I hoped this would not be how things evolved.”

The presenter joined the 7 News team in December 2016, having previously worked in nearby Burlington.

In a further tweet, she said: “Reporting the news to you every morning was an honour and a privilege.

“I promise to stay in touch and keep you updated on the next chapter — the future is bright.”

Alaina Pinto cameos as a newsreader in 'Hubie Halloween'. (Credit: Netflix)
Alaina Pinto cameos as a newsreader in 'Hubie Halloween'. (Credit: Netflix)

Hubie Halloween stars Sandler in the title role as the designated Halloween Helper of Salem, Massachusetts, whose role is to monitor the town’s celebrations.

The film also features Sandler regulars including Kevin James, Steve Buscemi and Roy Schneider, as well as June Squibb, Ray Liotta and Shaquille O’Neal.

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The movie is the latest in Sandler’s run of comedies for Netflix, which has previously included the likes of The Ridiculous Six and the ultra-successful Murder Mystery.

Netflix claims the latter movie, in which Sandler starred alongside Jennifer Aniston, was viewed 73 million times.

Adam Sandler in 'Hubie Halloween'. (Credit: Scott Yamano/Netflix)
Adam Sandler in 'Hubie Halloween'. (Credit: Scott Yamano/Netflix)

Unsurprisingly, Hubie Halloween has obtained the mixed critical reviews common for Sandler comedies, though it has been more warmly received than his other recent efforts.

It has a straight-down-the-middle 50% approval score on Rotten Tomatoes, with the site’s consensus noting the movie is “sweet enough to satisfy fans of Adam Sandler's antics”.

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Earlier this year, Sandler joked that he’d make a deliberately terrible movie if he didn’t receive an Oscar nomination for stress-packed diamond trade thriller Uncut Gems.

The star was snubbed by the Academy, with one anonymous voter suggesting that the joke might’ve been part of the reason why.