Ian McShane Has Been Offered Lovejoy Return (Exclusive)

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Ian McShane may be a big Hollywood star in films like ‘Hercules’ (out this Friday), but in the UK we’ll always associate with the role of Lovejoy, “the saucy antique dealer”. His words not ours.

We’re not the only ones who’ll always link him with the hit BBC drama it seems. McShane played the role for 71 episodes, over six series from 1986 to 1994, and the actor told us he still gets asked to return as the lovable rogue.

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“We finished [‘Lovejoy’] twenty years ago now,” McShane told Yahoo, “They talk about it coming back, but I say no, get somebody else”.

You can watch our full interview above. 

Ian McShane as BBC's Lovejoy

The original series about the Suffolk antiques dealer, which McShane also produced, was hugely popular in the early 90s so a return would surely be a ratings hit, however the actor would rather pass the mantle to a new star.

“Why don’t you get the girl? [Lovejoy] had a daughter – bring her back.” 

The part of Vicky Lovejoy was played by three different actresses in the original series, so a recasting with a hot new star could work, but McShane would rather let it lie for now while he moves forward with his Hollywood career.

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“They say ‘Would you thinking of doing [‘Lovejoy’] again?’, but I say no. It’s done. You’ve done it. You’ve finished it.

“It was great while it lasted. It was terrific, but you move on since then.”

McShane has definitely moved on since then thanks to star turns in HBO’s Western show ‘Deadwood’, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides’, and ‘Cuban Fury’.

His latest role in ‘Hercules’ sees him tooling up as Amphiaraus, the Greek warrior, who fights alongside Dwayne Johnson’s titular demigod.

I wonder if he spent time on set valuing the Greek urns?

‘Hercules’ is in cinemas from 25 July, 2014.