Independence Day: Resurgence Flops At US Box Office, Thrives Internationally

Well, that wasn’t worth the wait, was it? Not only has ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ been met with savage critical reviews, but it has now flopped at the US box office, too.

According to Variety, ‘Resurgence’ brought in just $41 million in the US. But there was a silver lining to ‘Resurgence’s’ tepid domestic debut as it managed to take in $102 million internationally. This means that it could still prove to be somewhat of a success if it mirrors the unconventional box office trajectory of ‘Warcraft’, a box office path that is now actually becoming more commonplace.

Having cost $165 million to make ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ will need to gross somewhere in the region of $350 million to be deemed a success.

Its US haul is likely to only make a small dent in its box office haul, though, as its $41 million opening weekend haul was even lower than the $50 million that the original took in all the way back in 1996 and was much less than the $55 million projections made.

Internationally ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ has been pretty successful, though. Released in 57 markets over the last few days ‘Resurgence’ has brought in $102.1 million, with China once again leading the way as the blockbuster took in $37.3 million there.

‘Resurgence’ also excelled in Latin American and Asian territories, and broke Fox’s international IMAX record, too. ‘Resurgence’ is still due to be released in 11 new markets next weekend, while its gross between now and then will also provide us with a better indication of its box office staying power.

20th Century Fox will now be hoping that ‘Resurgence’ follows the trajectory of ‘Warcraft’, which despite grossing the paltry sum of $43 million domestically has proven to be a success after taking in over $368 million internationally.

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