Insane celebrity fitness regimes that put Mark Wahlberg to shame

The Internet was shocked – shocked! – when Mark Wahlberg’s daily routine was revealed to world. Not least because he only gave himself 30 minutes to play golf (that’s a quick game of golf!).

But, compared to some of the other celebrities on this list, his day is the equivalent to our laziest Sunday.

Don’t believe us? Check out this lot of overachievers.

The Rock – Hercules regime

Come back when you’re drinking lion’s blood, Marky Mark.

Matt Damon – Jason Bourne

To get back into shape for Jason Bourne, Matt Damon did the following exercise routine.

100 sit-ups.
300 push-ups.
50 squats.
50 squat jumps.
Pull-ups with 35-pound weight strapped to waist.
Single-leg squats with 125-pound dumbbell in each hand.
Sled pushing and pulling.

That wasn’t over the course of a week, by the way – that was ONE SESSION.

Terry Crews – daily routine

We’ll let Terry explain his attitude to exercise.

“Usually I get up around 4:30/5 a.m. Sometimes earlier if I have an early flight or whatever, but it does not get missed. There’s no way I miss my workout. That is a no-no. It just doesn’t happen.”

“It’s such a habit that if it does — if I felt like it wasn’t gonna happen I would feel like something is wrong with the universe.”

“Some days it will be an hour to two hours. Usually Monday through Friday are lift days, with Wednesday being a kind of stretch and run and ab day and the whole thing. But I run on the weekends. I run every day. I’m a big big runner. I run almost 4 miles a day. Simply because my brain, the way it works, it needs that kind of energy. I have a lot of energy. I actually need to burn off some. Because if I didn’t get the run in, it just wouldn’t work.”

“There was a time when I didn’t. It was when I retired from the NFL. You have – there’s a depression that happens because you’re not an athlete anymore. And I spent about a few months not working out. And I gained like 25 pounds and the whole thing. And my mood, my attitude, everything about me was down. Once I got back in the gym, it literally changed.”

James McAvoy – Split

According to James McAvoy: “I googled ‘good way to put on muscle quick’, just went into a gym and did it myself: a power-lifting routine called 5×5. You do five different exercises four or five times a week, and they’re huge, big exercises,” McAvoy said. “It’s super-simple, but it works every muscle.”

“And I’d eat 5,000, 6,000 calories a day. Instead of eating two eggs in the morning, I’d eat eight. Then a snack of chicken breast. Then two chicken breasts for lunch, and then a steak or another snack. Then two salmon steaks for dinner.”

Who knew that eating all day could turn you into THIS?

Jake Gyllenhaal – Southpaw

Gyllenhaal’s Southpaw workout involved six hours involved three hours of boxing in the morning, followed by three hours of strengthening, conditioning, and cardio at night. Additionally, he’s do 1,000 sit-ups in the morning and then another 1000 at night, to increase his endurance.

“Gradually we built up, day-by-day, to 2,000. It takes time to do that,” his trainer and former professional boxer Terry Claybon said.

Yeah, tell us about it, we’re still working towards achieving 2 sit-ups a day.

Gerard Butler – 300

Talk about impressive. For 300, Gerard Butler and his trainer Mark Twight trained for three months straight. According to Men’s Health this muscle-heavy circuit went like this: 25 pull-ups, 50 deadlifts (135 pound weights), 50 push-ups, 50 24-inch box jumps, 50 floor wipers, 50 single arm clean presses (using a 36-pound kettle ball) and 25 pull-ups – and this was all with no resting period between exercises. He also did other intense fitness activities like sword fighting under the training of Venezuelan bodybuilder, Franc Licastro. “300″ made $70 million in its first weekend, so suffice to say Gerard Butler is thankful for the cut and the coin.

Butler’s training for 300 built muscle, increased muscular endurance, and stripped fat fast. It involved a (extremely difficult) 300-rep workout.

“One actor from 300, Andrew Pleavin, completed the workout in 18 minutes, 11 seconds,” says lifestyle coach Craig Ballantyne. “He didn’t practice this workout…and neither did I. My time? 19:07. My butt was kicked by a Hollywood actor!”

“It’s a brutal workout, starting out strong and slowing down, finishing at a crawl,” explained Ballantyne. “I don’t plan on doing that any time soon or, really, ever again.”

So, yeah Mark – add the 300 workout to your daily plan instead of golfing and maybe then we’ll be impressed.

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