Is This Really You, Kevin Bacon? Star Is Unrecognisable In Photo


Kevin Bacon melted Twitter yesterday, with the use of a simple photo.

The ‘Footloose’ legend posted this mugshot up with the caption 'Greetings from the UK!’, but sadly with no explanation for why his face looks the way it does.

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Some followers immediately jumped the conclusion that the 56-year-old Bacon had been 'eating too much bacon’.

But one suspects that there’s more to it than that.


The picture shows him outdoors, and behind him something that looks like it could well be some kind of film unit cabin, so we’re putting our cash on prosthetics.

He has form in this area.

He told Haute Living earlier this year that he’d walked around Hollywood in prosthetic make-up ion the past to see what it was like to not get recognised.

But he didn’t much enjoy the experience of being an average Joe.

He said wearing the disguise 'was almost disturbing to me. People kind of looked right through me and weren’t nice to me’.

“It didn’t feel that good, to tell you the truth,” he added. “I’ve had [fame] for so long that I almost can’t really get my head around what my life would be like without it.”

Could it be a new instalment for his adverts for mobile provider EE?

If not, we hope he finds his top lip somewhere soon. It’s probably under the microwave.

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Image credit: Twitter/Kevin Bacon/File