ISIS Threat Forces Michael Caine To Change Name

The global terrorist threat of ISIS has forced Michael Caine to change his name by deed poll.

His new name? Michael Caine.

Allow us to explain. The actor, born Maurice Micklewhite, told The Sun that increased airport security was causing him delays because his passport bore his birth name.

“I changed my name when all the stuff started with ISIS,” he explained.

“An airport security guard would say ‘Hi Michael Caine,’ and suddenly I’d give him a passport with a different name on it. I could stand there for an hour. So I changed my name.”

The 83-year-old star has used the stage name of Michael Caine since 1954. His agent told him to choose a new name and he famously took it from a Leicester Square billboard for ‘The Caine Mutiny’.

He later joked, “If I’d gone to the Leicester Square theatre, I’d have been called Michael A Hundred and One Dalmatians!”

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Image credits: Associated Press Photos