J.K. Rowling confirms Hermione fan theory in Harry Potter

Ben Arnold
Emma Watson has ‘Her-my-oh-nee’ (Credit: Warner Bros)
Emma Watson has ‘Her-my-oh-nee’ (Credit: Warner Bros)

Early on in the life of the Harry Potter universe, there was some confusion over the name of one off J.K. Rowling’s principal characters.

For those unfamiliar with Shakespeare’s A Winter’s Tale, the pronunciation of Hermione proved somewhat challenging, notably in the US.

All manner of variations did the rounds, prior to the release of the first movie in 2001.

As such, one fan on Wednesday pitched a theory to Rowling as to how she remedied any confusion once and for all in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, published in 2000.

In the book, the young Bulgarian wizarding student and love interest for Hermione, Viktor Krum, keeps pronouncing her name wrongly as ‘Her-my-own’.

However, there comes a point when Hermione steps in to correct him, slowly spelling out ‘Her-my-oh-nee’, thus sorting the whole business out.

And rather brilliantly, Rowling weighed in herself on the matter.

Always pleasing to get approval from the source.

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