Jackson: Iron Man ‘might work’ without Downey Jr. (exclusive)

Avengers star thinks ‘fickle’ audiences would accept another actor playing iconic role.

‘Avengers’ star Samuel L. Jackson thinks another actor could play ‘Iron Man’ if Robert Downey Jr. ever hangs up the suit.

“Robert’s a great guy. We love having him around,” Jackson told Yahoo! Movies UK whilst promoting new movie ‘Turbo’. “He’s an integral character in those stories.  [It] wouldn’t have been the same without him. But you know… Marvel is Marvel, things happen. And audiences are fickle too.”

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He added: “At some point, if Robert decides he’s not going to do it, and they put somebody else inside that Iron suit… you know, it might work.”

“They changed War Machine, nobody noticed.”

Terrence Howard played Jim Rhodes/War Machine in the first ‘Iron Man’, but was replaced by Don Cheadle in the sequels after a contract dispute. Howard said the ruckus 'killed his career'.

Following a dispute about salaries back in May, and comments by studio boss Kevin Feige that there was “no reason why Tony Stark can’t be as evergreen as James Bond”, rumours have circulated about who, if anyone, could replace Downey Jr. as Marvel’s leading man.

Mark Wahlberg recently threw his hat into the ring, telling us he’d love to play the character.

‘Turbo’ is in cinemas now. Watch our full interview with Samuel L. Jackson interview below.

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