James McAvoy Plays a 9-Year-Old Boy In First Trailer For M Night Shyamalan’s Split

M. Night Shyamalan, the filmmaker synonymous with mindbending plot twists, is back with a new thriller starring James McAvoy - still sporting his Professor X buzzcut - as a man with a fractured but gifted mind.

Kevin (McAvoy) has distinct 23 personalities, some of which we meet in the first trailer above, including a 9-year-old boy called Hedwig, a genial middle-aged lady, and a psychotic man who abducts three teenage girls and holds them captive in his basement.

His psychiatrist Dr. Fletcher (Betty Buckley) believes one submerged personality is set to materialise and dominate the others, while the three teenagers, lead by Casey (’The Witch’ star Anya Taylor-Joy), must work together with Kevin’s more friendly guises to plot their escape.

‘Split’ marks the second collaboration between ‘The Sixth Sense’ director M Night Shyamalan and producer Jason Blum (’The Purge’/’Insidious’) following the success of 2015′s ‘The Visit’.

‘Split’ is coming to cinemas on 20 January, 2017.

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Image credits: Universal