Jamie Dornan and Emily Blunt's Irish accents in 'Wild Mountain Thyme' are getting panned

Watch: The trailer for Wild Mountain Thyme

We might only have a trailer for new rom-com Wild Mountain Thyme to go on, but the Irish accents... well, they're quite something.

The movie is helmed by John Patrick Shanley, the Irish-American director who won the Oscar in 1988 for his screenplay for the movie Moonstruck, and is based on his own play, Outside Mullingar.

Starring Jamie Dornan and Emily Blunt as childhood sweethearts in the Midlands of Ireland, with Christopher Walken as the father of Dornan's character Anthony, who is planning to sell his farm away to his American nephew, played by Jon Hamm.

Wild Mountain Thyme (Credit: Lionsgate)
Wild Mountain Thyme (Credit: Lionsgate)

Beginning like an ad for the tourist board, it's not long before the cracks are appearing – with Hollywood icon Walken's brogue not quite up to snuff.

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Blunt's is pretty on-the-nose too, but it's County Down-born Dornan who manages to mangle it in the most surprising manner.

It has not gone unnoticed.

Even the Irish Embassy in the US has got involved, which, we think, makes this officially a diplomatic incident.

It's not just the accents, unfortunately, but the whole Irish stereotyped blarney business that's getting a savaging too.

“What in the name of holy bejaysus is this cowpat?” asks critic Donald Clarke in The Irish Times.

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“There are many more important things to worry about (and, yet again, we stress this is only a trailer), but it remains baffling that this class of stereotyping passes without comment in the United States. It is most unlikely that American filmmakers would now release a film set in Mexico featuring characters who sleep all day beneath giant sombreros.

“It is hardly worth complaining. Released next month, Wild Mountain Thyme should bring Irish people an enormous amount of ironic pleasure.”

It's due out on 11 December.

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