Jamie Lee Curtis returns in new Halloween sequel

Jamie Lee Curtis will return in ‘Halloween’ 2018 (credit: Blumhouse)
Jamie Lee Curtis will return in ‘Halloween’ 2018 (credit: Blumhouse)

The original slasher movie scream queen is going back to where it all began: the night HE came home…

Yes, Jamie Lee Curtis – who made her name as Laurie Strode, the archetypal Final Girl of the original ‘Halloween’ movies – is reprising the role once more in the upcoming ‘Halloween’ sequel/soft reboot from production company Blumhouse, and director David Gordon Green.

Blumhouse broke the news on Friday evening via Twitter:

This latest film will be the eleventh entry in the long-running horror series, the first since 2009’s ‘Halloween II’ (director Rob Zombie’s follow-up to his 2007 remake), and the fifth time Curtis has appeared as Laurie Strode, the would-be victim (and later revealed to be the sister) of masked madman Michael Myers.

Of course, anyone who saw Curtis’ last appearance as Laurie in 2002’s ‘Halloween: Resurrection’ (don’t worry, if you missed it you haven’t missed much) will be a little puzzled as to how she could possibly be back, as – spoiler alert for 15 year old film – that final film saw Laurie killed off.

Jamie Lee Curtis in the original 1978 ‘Halloween’
Jamie Lee Curtis in the original 1978 ‘Halloween’

However, this new ‘Halloween’ (written by Green and Danny McBride) will be a direct sequel to 1981’s ‘Halloween II,’ deleting all the subsequent sequels and their increasingly convoluted mythology from the timeline.

John Carpenter, director and co-writer of the original 1978 ‘Halloween,’ will also be involved in this new film as executive producer (and may also compose the score), marking the first time he has been creatively involved in the series since 1982’s ‘Halloween III: Season of the Witch.’

Blumhouse, headed up by producer Jason Blum, are the largely uncontested kings of contemporary mainstream horror, responsible for hit franchises like ‘Paranormal Activity,’ ‘Insidious’ and ‘The Purge,’ as well as this year’s hugely acclaimed ‘Get Out.’

Blum recently swore to The Wrap that the new ‘Halloween’ will be in cinemas in time for Halloween 2018: “You can kill me. You can behead me. You can chop my hand off… That’s on the record.”

And with Carpenter and Curtis back, for many film fans, next Halloween can’t come soon enough.

‘Halloween’ is scheduled to hit US cinemas on 19 October 2018 (no UK release date has been confirmed at present).

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