Jared Leto says House of Gucci transformation was ‘worth every single second’

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Jared Leto has said it took six hours each day to transform him into Paolo Gucci during filming for Sir Ridley Scott’s film about the fashion dynasty – but that it was “worth every single second”.

The Oscar-winning actor and singer, 49, plays the company’s former vice president and managing director in the forthcoming crime thriller House Of Gucci, which also stars Lady Gaga and Adam Driver.

Speaking at the UK premiere in London’s Leicester Square, Leto said the heavy make-up, receded hairline and facial prosthetics were just a small part of the character he adopted each day.

House of Gucci UK Premiere – London
Salma Hayek, Jared Leto, Adam Driver and Lady Gaga (Ian West/PA)

He told the PA news agency: “It took about six hours every morning and about an hour to take it off at night. It was worth every single second.

“The physical is an important part but the heart and soul I would say is the most important and I would say that this role had it all.

“A different way of walking, talking, dancing and singing. I just have a lot of respect for Paolo Gucci and I feel very grateful that I had a chance to step into the Gucci loafers.”

Leto, who is also frontman of rock band Thirty Seconds To Mars, suggested his portrayal was a “painting” of the real man and not a “photograph”.

He said: “You start at the beginning. Sometimes I guess you start at the ending, especially when you are playing a real person.

“You dive in, you do research and read everything you can. You watch what few interviews there may have been.

“You look at photographs – and then you start to dream and you let your imagination take over.

“Because, of course, it is a painting not a photograph, and it is an impression not a documentary.

“I really, really, really dove in deep, as you can tell.”

House of Gucci UK Premiere – London
Adam Driver (Ian West/PA)

In House of Gucci, Gaga portrays Patrizia Reggiani, the ex-wife of murdered fashion dynasty heir Maurizio Gucci, played by Driver.

Driver, 37, told PA his character’s ultimately tragic fate had not affected his own portrayal on set.

He said: “With playing people who are real I have found that you try and hold on to the things that open your imagination and disregard the things that don’t.

“Any kind of preciousness doesn’t help on set so I try to ignore it.

“But I don’t know if that would have made a difference with this job or any job. I approach them all the same.

“You don’t feel more precious because the person is alive in whatever movie. I feel a responsibility to all of them.”

House of Gucci UK Premiere – London
Jeremy Irons (Ian West/PA)

Jeremy Irons, 73, who plays the father of murdered Maurizio – Rodolfo Gucci – praised Gaga for her starring performance and Sir Ridley for drawing out the tale’s Shakespearean qualities.

He told PA: “It was like working with a real pro, like working with all the others. She is immensely professional, very hard working, a delight to be with. I was overjoyed.

“Ridley is a master and gives this story a great epic quality. It is an epic story of Shakespearean tragedy.”

House Of Gucci will arrive in UK cinemas on November 26.

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