Jason Blum thinks ‘Get Out 2’ would “stain the quality of the first movie”

Jason Blum has plenty of reasons to celebrate. His company, Blumhouse, has just hit £3 billion in global earnings, which is fairly huge – especially when you consider the fact the average budget of Blumhouse’s films is around £3 million.

Variety reported the news, and buried in their coverage is a pretty major reveal that Blum doesn’t want a sequel to Blumhouse’s most critically successful film, Get Out. Not without its writer/director, anyway.

“The only way it would work is if Jordan Peele came up with an idea,” Blum said. “There’s no other way there could be a sequel to “Get Out” because it would stain the quality of the first movie. The only way I would touch it is if the person who created it wanted to. And I’m not going to encourage or discourage him, I have not and would not put pressure on him to do it again. It would have to totally come from him…”

That’s pretty admirable – especially when you consider the fact that Get Out was a cultural phenomenon, which earned its writer/director an Oscar for its screenplay. A sequel would be the definition of easy money.

Michael Myers is now also the highest grossing horror icon.
Michael Myers is now also the highest grossing horror icon.

But Blumhouse is still in the sequel business, with Halloween II moving forward. “We want to do [a Halloween sequel]. We have to all get together and sign on the dotted line. I’m trying to make it happen. I hope we can get the original team back together, that would be really important. And then we would push the ideas of storytelling that people don’t expect.”

Blum also shared some insight into how to make a great follow-up.

“To me, sharing the spoils with the people who created the first movie is the secret. People struggle with sequels because often, they want to take the money and run. They want to hire new people and not pay them so much money.”

“On our sequels, I make a huge effort to involve the original creators. So James DeMonaco has done every “Purge” movie. [Creator] Leigh [Wahannell] and [director] James [Wan] have worked on every “Insidious” movie. If we do another “Halloween” movie, we’re certainly going to work very hard to get David Gordon Green back. That, and continuing to keep the budgets very low so we can keep doing new things.”

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