It's Jennifer Garner as you've never seen her before in the ultra-violent Peppermint trailer

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We honestly didn’t think Jennifer Garner had a blood-sodden cartel revenge thriller in her, but we are more than happy to be proved wrong.

Sure, she did some solid comicbook face-kicking with ex-husband Ben Affleck in Daredevil and its spin-off Elektra, along with the TV show Alias, but this looks like it’s more akin to Charles Bronson’s vigilante murder sprees in the Death Wish movies.

Peppermint finds Garner as mild-mannered mom Riley North, who, after what was supposed to be a lovely trip to the fair, finds her family gunned down in a drive-by shooting.

Awaking to a life that has been devastated, she’s further wronged when a corrupt justice system on the cartel’s payroll fails to bring the smirking perps to justice.

(Credit: STX Films)
(Credit: STX Films)

So, obviously, off she goes to train to become a gun-toting assassination machine.

It is, perhaps unsurprisingly, the latest project from French director Pierre Morel, who shot to fame by reinventing Liam Neeson as an ageing action hero in Taken.

Garner, who doubled her daily workout and threw in some boxing and martial arts to get into tip-top shape for the movie, told folk at Comic Con in April: “There is no bigger stakes than your children.

“This was to avenge your child’s death, and there’s no bigger reason to go out and get into really good shape and then kill people.”

That’s one way of looking at it.

Also starring John Ortiz, Method Man and John Gallagher Jr, it’s due on September 21.

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