Jeremy Renner reveals snowplough accident 'squashed' his callousness

Jeremy Renner has revealed his snowplough accident “squashed” a lot of his callousness.

The Hawkeye actor was run over by a snowplough in January 2023, leaving him with more than 30 broken bones and a collapsed lung. Following his hospitalisation and lengthy rehabilitation, Jeremy shared how the experience has changed him.

“I certainly got a lot of callousness squashed out of me by that machine,” the star told People as he discussed his new Super Bowl commercial for Silk.

“I’ve never been bitter, but always maybe a little more callous, a little bit more tough. And I just think those calluses are just scraped off me at this point.”

The 53-year-old actor has since made an incredible recovery and recently returned to work on the set of his TV show Mayor of Kingstown.

Jeremy, who has a 10-year-old daughter Ava, shared the traumatic incident made him realise how loved and supported he is.

“Literally, I feel pretty open and wonderfully sensitive and youthful,” he said. “I’ve been blessed.”

Jeremy underwent a series of surgeries to rebuild his ribcage and repair damage to his eye socket.

The actor has admitted facing huge obstacles on his road to recovery made him more determined to succeed.

“I know how far I can go,” he added. “I overcame a lot, and there’s so many things that could have gone wrong. It all went right, every part of it. From my vision, to walking, that no one said I was going to walk again. I’m like, ‘Well…’"