Jessica Alba's Netflix movie Trigger Warning lands rough first reviews

jessica alba, trigger warning
Jessica Alba's Trigger Warning lands rough reviewsNetflix

Jessica Alba's return to film has been met with a poor reception as her new action-thriller received rough reviews.

Trigger Warning sees Alba in her first movie role in five years, where she plays Special Forces commando Parker, who heads back to her hometown after her father Harry's death.

Despite a note suggesting it was suicide, Parker investigates her father's death, uncovering a major arms deal that might have been responsible for it.

jessica alba, tone bell, trigger warning

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The Netflix movie, which was released on the streaming service today (June 21), also stars The Night Agent's Gabriel Basso, Scott Pilgrim actor Mark Webber and Chicago Fire's Jake Weary.

But the notable cast list and female-heavy creative team weren't enough to satisfy viewers. With a score of only 9% on Rotten Tomatoes as of this writing, the general sentiment from reviews suggested Indonesian director Mouly Surya's first English-language movie failed to deliver any original or exciting ideas.

Here are some of the first reviews:


"It's an unexpected anomaly in a film where every shot feels like a first take, every scene feels like the least interesting version of what the story demands, and there's altogether so little sense of place or personality that the final boss doesn't even have a name."

AV Club

"Trigger Warning twists itself into knots explaining complicated criminal schemes and pays little attention to the finer details that lead to ridiculous contrivances."

jessica alba, trigger warning

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"The script also flirts with points of political relevancy, from illegal doings on the 'dark web' to immigration issues, albeit in a deliberately superficial, 'Let's not offend anyone' way."

The Hollywood Reporter

"Unfortunately, Alba, although more than competent, doesn't quite have the full-bore charisma to make her character particularly interesting, or, as Netflix presumably hopes, the catalyst for a new action franchise. By the time the generically titled Trigger Warning reaches its predictable conclusion, you'll be hankering to see what the streamer's all-knowing algorithms have in store for you next."

Trigger Warning is available to watch now on Netflix.

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