Jim Carrey fans selling memorabilia to buy guns

Ben Arnold
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Ebay has now become embroiled in the row between Jim Carrey and the National Rifle Association, following his 'Cold Dead Hand' skit on the website Funny or Die which mocked former NRA president Charlton Heston.

The site has now reinstated an auction in which a user, called astrobuzz, is selling an autographed photo of Carrey to help raise money to buy a gun.

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Ebay had taken down the auction last week, but after re-posting it - minus the stated reason for selling it and the anti-Carrey ranting - it's now received bids over $250, though the original posting received bids up to $860.

Other users are following suit, with some pledging to donate any money made to the NRA.       

One user calling himself morpheus_2080 is selling a photo and DVD for a 'BuyItNow' price of $1500.

In answering a question about the item's excessively high value, the user replied: “This auction was made in response to Jim Carrey's video mocking our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

“So I am selling these items so I can get a personal defence weapon (handgun). This auction is really not all about the photo but more about our rights and shoving in the face of Carrey and everyone else, that by his actions he actually purchased me a gun.

“But more importantly that the American people will not be walked on! We have rights and we will stand up for them!!!!!”

The row began when Carrey played Heston in a spoof country and western music show, as well as the frontman of a band made up of gun victims, including John Lennon and Gandhi.

He released a statement last week calling Fox News 'a media colostomy bag that has begun to burst at the seams and should be emptied before it becomes a public health issue'.

It was his response to Fox host Greg Gutfield calling Carrey 'the most pathetic tool on the face of the Earth' over his remarks, adding: “I hope his career is dead.”

Carrey has also now written a piece for the Huffington Post titled 'I never wanted to take your guns away', further explaining his position.

“No one is asking anyone to give up their right to bear arms... It's just the type of arms, the easy access and the means with which to cause massive devastation to good and innocent people that I hope we can limit,” he writes.

“I have been aghast at the level of hatred heaped upon me, my family and the people I work with over a mere difference of opinion on this issue.

“It is shocking to see this concerted effort to brutally intimidate anyone who speaks of a compassionate compromise.

“Every American has the right to speak their mind. Every American has the right to bear arms. But it is up to every American to draw the line when it comes to the type of guns that are considered a reasonable means of self-defence.”