John Barrowman wants to return to 'Doctor Who'

Chris Edwards
John Barrowman says Jodie Whittaker is doing a great job as The Doctor

John Barrowman has said that he thinks Jodie Whittaker is doing a great job as the first ever female Doctor.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain on Thursday, the actor expressed his admiration for Whittaker’s Doctor Who performances, and admitted that he’d willingly return the to the show if he was asked.

“I think she’s doing a great job,” he told Ben Shepherd and Charlotte Hawkins.  “I love the new team, and I think it’s a great journey that we all go on the TARDIS. Those of us who have loved Doctor Who for years, we jump on the TARDIS to go on those adventures with the new Doctor.”

Asked if he’d consider going back to the show, Barrowman expressed his eagerness to reprise the role of Captain Jack Harkness, which he last played in 2011 in the spin-off series Torchwood.

“Listen, if they asked me, I’d go back at the drop of a hat,” he said. “I’ve always said that from the day that I moved on from Torchwood and Doctor Who to other things. If they ask me, definitely.

Barrowman also credited Doctor Who and the role of Captain Jack as changing his life.

“Captain Jack Hakrness changed my life, Doctor Who changed my life, and it led to so many other things. I would love to play Jack again at some point.”

Jack Barrowman played Captain Jack Harkness in Doctor Who and Torchwood

While Barrowman may be full of praise for the new series and first ever female Doctor, former showrunner Steven Moffat has warned that the show runs the risk of ‘looking cheap’ in comparison to higher budget rivals on Netflix.

Speaking on the Sitcom Geeks podcast, he explained that the BBC One show will look cheap compared to what the rest of TV is doing if they don’t put ‘a whole lot more money into it’.

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