John Boyega defends racy 'grinding' dance moves at Notting Hill Carnival

Ben Arnold
(Photo by Grant Pollard/Invision/AP)

The question most-asked of John Boyega’s dance moves at last weekend’s Notting Hill Carnival appears to be; would Leia approve?

Video footage of the ‘Star Wars’ star partaking in the ‘dutty wine’ with a mystery carnival dancer has been going viral since Monday.

“Can’t lie though… carnival got my left leg twisted. Someone try do some acrobatics I wasn’t ready for,” Boyega joked via his Twitter account.

But some have questioned how appropriate the moves were, one fan tweeting him: “It’s not funny. Can you imagine strong females like Padme, Leia or Rey in a similar situation? I can’t.”

Both Disney and Star Wars were tagged into the tweeted reply, ensuring maximum coverage.

But Boyega appears entirely fine with the whole business, replying: “Yep! Rey would back it up!!!!! Wooooooiiiiiii!”

He also chatted with various fans commenting on the video. And it got a bit racy…

The fan initially tweeting concerns over the video to Boyega, a 50-year-old Spanish man – and lifelong Star Wars fan – wasn’t so amused, however.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: “John is free to have fun any way he wants. But he is a public character, and in my opinion should take care of what he puts in his social networks.

“I think he has to preserve the legacy of the most important film saga ever. When I saw the images, I thought of the millions of children that follow John and how they would interpret those images.”

Reps for Disney have not commented on the matter.

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