John Boyega says Attack The Block 2 will address gentrification

John Boyega, the star of Breaking, will return to the role that made him famous in the upcoming Attack The Block sequel, which he says will reflect the changes to London over the last 12 years. Breaking is available on Digital Download on 27 March, 2023.

Video transcript

FREDA COOPER: Looking forward, I think an awful lot of people are really excited about the prospect of a second attack, "The Block."

JOHN BOYEGA: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. As we should, as we should. We should be proud that we're going to show inner city London to the rest of the bloody world, for once. They land in our city, for once. So I'm excited. I'm excited.

FREDA COOPER: So how does it feel to be going back to Moses as the character, but also the same part of London, which, I guess, has probably changed a bit since 2011 when you made the first one?

JOHN BOYEGA: Exactly. I was actually saying to Jo-- I said, if we went back now and reshot the first sequence, the first kind of long shot with Sam walking before she gets robbed, I said, she'd be walking past in five star luxury accommodations now. The world is--


FREDA COOPER: Totally changed.

JOHN BOYEGA: --completely changed, which makes for a very, very interesting story. It makes it very interesting to go back and revisit the characters in a new world like that.