John Krasinski and Emily Blunt reveal 'A Quiet Place' sequel plans (exclusive)

Sam Ashurst

There’s no getting away from it, ace horror film A Quiet Place is going to make a huge profit at the box office. Made for just $17 million, it’s already taken $50m at the US box office alone.

That’s because it’s the sort of film fans HAVE to see at the cinema, with the movie’s premise – no-one onscreen can make a sound or they’ll get killed by monsters – vastly improved by surround sound speakers and the sort of shared atmosphere only cinemas can provide.

If A Quiet Place does prove to be a big success, you can be sure that the film’s production company Platinum Dunes will want a sequel. Has director / star John Krasinski thought about what he’d like to explore in a follow-up?

John Krasinski wrote and directed 2018 horror hit A Quiet Place.

“That’s really interesting. To me, obviously this was extremely personal. It seems bizarre looking at the poster, but this is a love letter to my kids. This is truly an idea of what extremes you’d go to to protect your children.

“I love that idea that if there was a sequel or a prequel or whatever, the thing I think would be amazing – I’m probably giving it away – but the idea of the same exact day, one of the things I thought of, by having the fires in the distance, is ‘What if you relived the exact same day, through another set of eyes. That would be really fun for me.”

Sounds cool to us. John’s A Quiet Place co-star (and real-life wife) Emily Blunt also wants to see more A Quiet Place movies, but she’d prefer a prequel.

“I’d be interested in watching a prequel. That would be really cool. I just want to see how it all began, potentially, that could be really exciting. I think it’s an exciting world and there’s enormous possibility.”

But one thing’s for sure, if the producers want Emily for it, they’d better make a good offer to John.

“I wouldn’t want to do it without John,” she confirmed.

A Quiet Place is out now.

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