‘John Wick Chapter Three': Keanu Reeves and Chad Stahelski tease ‘John Wick 4’ plans (exclusive)

Sam Ashurst

When you stumble out of the astonishing John Wick 3 after it lands in your local cinemas this week, there’s a good chance you’ll immediately want more movies in the franchise.

The good news is, director Chad Stahelski has plenty of ideas he’d still like to explore. And it sounds like the series will go deeper for John Wick 4.

“I love the idea of karma and fate,” Stahelski told Yahoo Movies UK. “Consequence, I think, is good. Grief is what we’ve always been doing. I think revenge is always good, but it’s surface level. I think the self-imposed thematics of consequence, accepting responsibility, self-honour, pride.”

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“Yum, yum, yum, yum,” Reeves affirmed – rubbing his hands together in glee.

“It’s a big soup!” Stahelski said.

This image released by Lionsgate shows Keanu Reeves in a scene from “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum.” (Niko Tavernise/Lionsgate via AP)

Of course, the series wouldn’t have started if Reeves hadn’t brought the original script to Chad Stahelski, who he met on the set of The Matrix, where Stahelski stunt-doubled for Reeves. What did Reeves see in Stahelski to make the actor trust him to guide this franchise to three – and potentially four – movies?

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“For me, it was having the chance to work with him with the Wachowskis, and then getting to see the kind of person he is, he’s professional, talented, and then to watch how he took that experience and made it his own. He started to do his own action design, and then going on to direct second unit action, and drama sometimes.”

“Through that, just getting to know his interest in storytelling, and myth and cinema. I was really excited about the idea, the opportunity to work with that artist. I think John Wick reveals that, and shows that vision and that talent. “

Here’s hoping John Wick 3 is popular enough when it arrives on 17 May in UK cinemas to get John Wick 4 film green lit. We need at least 22 instalments of this franchise. Watch a clip below.