John Wick Chapter Two: Watch the first 4 action-packed minutes right here (exclusive)

The turbo-charged ‘John Wick Chapter Two’ arrives in UK cinemas nationwide with an almighty crash-bang-wallop today, but if you’re too impatient to see the dog-loving hitman back in action on the big screen then never fear, for we have the first four minutes of the film to share with you.

Watch the preview above.

Keanu Reeves returns as the eponymous hero in the sequel to 2014’s ‘John Wick’, and as you can see he still has a debt to settle with the Russian mob who killed his dog and stole his beloved Mustang.

No-one messes with John Wick’s car (Credit: Warner Bros.)

The clip shows Wick as he tracks his motor to the chop shop run by Abram Tarasov (Peter Stormare), the uncle of the mobster responsible for the canicide of the first film, where he proceeds to mete out justice, John Wick-style, with the help of his high-octane vehicle.

Director Chad Stahelski says he watched many movie sequels, including ‘Empire Strikes Back’, in preparation to make the sequel and much like the ‘Star Wars’ sequel, ‘John Wick Chapter Two’ really does hit the ground running… or should we say revving?

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