Johnny Knoxville details stomach-churning injuries on latest movie

Johnny Knoxville in Action Point (Credit: Paramount)
Johnny Knoxville in Action Point (Credit: Paramount)

Johnny Knoxville was battered from pillar to post (sometimes literally) while making his name in MTV’s hit show Jackass, but his latest list of injuries on the set of his new movie Action Point take the cake.

Knoxville plays the owner of an amusement park with a notable lack of health and safety provision, which he decides to make even more dangerous after a rival park opens nearby.

It’s based on an actual attraction in New Jersey called Action Park (nicknamed ‘Class Action Park’), which closed in the mid-90s but was notorious for its hair-raising rides and a stunningly poor safety record.

But while making the movie, Knoxville took a serious battering, including one facial bone breakage which resulted in one particular stomach-churning incident.

“On one of the stunts, unbeknownst to me at the time, I had powdered my orbital lamina bone in my face. They said it didn’t break on impact, it just disappeared,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

“I got back from the emergency room… and when I blew my nose my eye popped out of its socket.”

As well as the eye-popping incident, he says he also suffered ‘four concussions, broke my hand, busted my meniscus, whiplash, stitches’.

Asked why he puts himself through such punishment on set, he simply replied: “It’s just what I do.

“[Action Point] just seemed like a great world and excellent opportunity to do stunts. It just made sense.”

Sadly, the movie has received some rather withering reviews.

Indiewire called it ‘a dismal new comedy that will leave you longing for the relative artistry and sophistication of the Jackass glory days’.

The movie, also starring his Jackass co-star Chris Pontius and British actress Eleanor Worthington Cox, is due out in the UK on August 31.

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