Jordan Belfort taught Leonardo DiCaprio how to be on drugs for the Wolf of Wall Street

Ben Arnold
(Credit: Paramount)

Leonardo DiCaprio’s bravura performance as a man high on quaaludes in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ was a stand-out (if not a stand-up) sequence from the 2013 Martin Scorsese movie.

And now the actual Wolf himself, former broker Jordan Belfort, has stepped up to take the credit.

Belfort, who DiCaprio played in the movie, has said that it was his tutelage which made the star’s sedated buffoonery so realistic.

“Leo had never done drugs, so I showed him what it looks and feels like when you are high on quaaludes,” he told the New York Post.

“I . . . started crawling around. We were both on the floor, drooling. His father walked into the room and asked us what the f**k we were doing.”

(Credit: Paramount)

And rightly so. But it is indeed quite the exhibition he makes of himself, crawling like a baby, falling down a flight of steps and then trying to get into his Lamborghini Countach (it later emerged that the filmmakers did actually smash up the car, before having it restored again).

For his part, DiCaprio has himself referred to Belfort’s ‘tutoring’, back in 2014.

“He crawled around the floor to re-enact the stages of getting high. He wasn’t the greatest actor, but he certainly gave me the inspiration,” he told the Daily Mail.

He’s also said that he needed to see a chiropractor after shooting the scene.

“He really articulated to me that you have every intention of going to a certain destination, but your body doesn’t go along with you,” he added to Page Six.

“We shot it for a week, and it was a lot of chiropractic work for me because it was incredibly painful.”

Belfort has been clean of drugs for 20 years now, having suffered a near-fatal overdose experience.

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