Jude Law causes 'security scare' at Bath cinema

Ben Arnold

Beware of men in hoodies acting suspiciously. Because they might be Jude Law.

While working at the Odeon cinema in Bath last week, employee Conor Walter was asked to keep his eye on ‘a man acting suspiciously with his hood up’ during his shift.

He did as he was asked, but realised that this wasn’t just some random punter, rather it was movie star Jude Law, out to see a screening of crime drama ‘Detroit’.

“I was working as the ticket tearer stood at the bottom of the stairs, and my manager told me to keep an eye on a man acting suspiciously with his hood up in the main foyer,” Walter told the BBC.

(Credit: Conor Walter)

“The man spent a good 10 minutes just standing around on the phone, then he came and bought a ticket from one of my colleagues and my colleague who served him the ticket did not recognise him. He came to the bottom of the stairs and I tore his ticket, I looked at his eyes and recognised him, then he said ‘thanks’ and I just knew it was him within an instant.”

Walter stuck around after the screening, and then asked Law if they could have a picture together.

He then stuffed a note into Law’s back pocket, ‘praising him for his work over the years’, and amazingly, got an email back half an hour later.

(Credit: Conor Walter)

Remarking on the incident, Walter added: “If I had not been working that night, nobody else would have recognised him as he was very unrecognisable with his black hoodie and beard.”

Law currently has the ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’ sequel – in which he plays a young Albus Dumbledore – in the pipeline, as well as a spot in the new, untitled Woody Allen movie.

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